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2020 Top Tech Awards Nominations
now closed.

The Top Tech Awards recognize top information technology leadership in San Diego, as nominated by peers and or clients. This prestigious awards program honors the many individuals who use information technology in a competitive and innovative way to accelerate their business.

Who we are looking for.

We are looking for the technology superheroes of San Diego. A qualified Top Tech nominee uses technology in innovative ways to deliver business value, whether by creating competitive advantage, optimizing business processes, enabling growth or improving relationships with customers. The award program recognizes that San Diego companies have a variety of titles and department levels within their organization. The award is open to all levels of technology leadership.

How we judge the nominations:

An extensive judging panel reviews the information submitted on the nomination application and scores the nominee based on the criteria given. A third party vendor then tabulates all scores and re-submits top scoring nominees in each category and submits to all judges for one last review.  Final top scoring honorees are announced at the event.

All scores are kept entirely confidential and are never shared among judges, advertisers, sponsors or other outside parties.

What is in it for the nominee? Honoree?

By becoming a qualified nominee, the nominees are recognized along side peers, as being one of the many technology innovators in the county. To be selected as an honoree means they are acknowledged and marked for excellence. It is an honor for the individual recognized, the departments that support them, and the companies they represent. Honorees are featured in various business publications and on social media following the event. All nominees will be notified of qualification status. Honorees are not notified prior to the event if they have won. Honorees will be announced live at the event on September 17th, 2020.

What is the role of the Advisory Council
and Judging Committee?

Judging Committee: Reviews the nominations that are deemed qualified by the nomination committee and scores each nomination in the category in which they are given. Judges act as representatives of Top Tech Awards, promoting the event to their networks and supporting the mission, honor and excellence of the awards program.

Advisory Council: Top Tech Awards Advisory Council Members are to promote, support, and provide expertise to challenges as they pertain to the Top Tech Awards.

Increase the chance of winning:

Applications that are thorough with supported data have a better chance of receiving a higher score. Provide, data, numbers, and/or metrics. Narrative examples and descriptions of how the information technology works, how it impacted employees or customers, and other information helps the judges get an extensive review of accomplishments.


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An Online Experience like no other!
4pm – 5:30pm

Criteria for Nominations:

To be selected as a qualified nominee, the individual must demonstrate how they have utilized technology within their organization to improve business process, enabled growth and/or improved customer experience. Nominees can also show how they are disrupting an industry through the use of technology or how they have taken their company through a digital transformation. Applicants should explain not only they ways in which they have accelerated their business or IT department, but that they are using information technology in a way that is uncommon and/or innovative. It is encouraged by the judges, to have the nomination state how the IT department is aligned with the business to deliver business value.

Nominees must be in a director level position or above within the technology department of the organization. Nominees should also have been in their current position for more than a year. Nominees of sponsoring firms are ineligible to be nominated. However, sponsors are encouraged to nominate clients. Employees or direct IT reports of a judge on the judging panel are eligible for consideration. Judges who have employees, direct reports and/or colleagues in the nomination pool are abstained from scoring those nominations. The nominees score will not be affected based on a judge abstaining. Judges are not eligible for nomination. The event committee will notify nominees if they are disqualified based on the above criteria not being met.

Criteria for Lifetime Achievement Award:

The TopTech Lifetime Achievement Award is intended for individuals with at least 20 years of documented accomplishments in the field of Information Technology who have had a significant impact on a large number of individuals, organizations, or the community.

Nominees will have demonstrated exceptional service / leadership over a significant period of time. This award is for lifetime achievement rather than a single contribution.

Impact may be demonstrated in one or more of the following ways:

Programs & Projects:

The individual designed or implemented one or more high-impact technology programs or projects that have been widely replicated.


The individual has developed influential tools, models, frameworks or other products used to advance technology.

Presentations & Publications:

The individual has made meaningful contributions to the body of knowledge on information technology through conference presentations, articles, books, etc.

Service & Mentorship:

The individual has contributed substantial time and expertise to help build the information technology community (e.g., by leading technology-focused organizations or networks, serving on relevant boards or committees, and/or mentoring others).



Nominations of individuals who meet the criteria for the Lifetime Achievement Award may be submitted by a spouse, partner, former or current employer, community leader, colleague, or business acquaintance. While we encourage the nominee to provide information to the nominator to support/enhance the nomination, self-nominations may not be considered.

Nominations should be accompanied by at least 2 letters of recommendation: 1 from someone within the nominee’s company or organization and 1 from someone outside the nominee’s company or organization.

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